Fully insured and nationally certified trainers providing in-home private training, personalized dog walking services, and canine agility seminars and lessons.  All tailored to you and and your dog.  We serve greater New Haven county and surrounding areas.


Our Mission

Pawsitive Partners seeks to deepen the relationship between people and their dogs through communication, trust, and humane training methods that build confidence and connection. 

This is one of the best training classes I have participated in. The instructors have a unique ability to balance high expectations with a climate where one does not feel intimidated. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about how to best interact with his/her dog and to foster desired behaviors and a positive relationship.
— Sue and Bear

our training methods

We use state of the art methods in positive reinforcement and relationship based training.  Our goal is to teach you to train your dog in a way that goes beyond just using treats.  We will teach you to engage with and communicate with their dogs successfully, and we will give you the skills you need to build reliable behaviors and/or modify problem behaviors.

Our dog walking services are designed to provide mental as well as physical exercise.  We will train basic pet dog manners behaviors such as walking politely on leash, coming when called, leave-it, or polite greetings.  We practice in your neighborhood, and also take the training 'on the road' when time permits.  We also offer supervised play dates with other Pawsitive Partners clients, where dogs can play under the educated supervision of our trainers.