Stephanie Williams, Certified OneMind Dogs Instructor

Stephanie is certified to teach the OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques 1 seminars

This is a two-day seminar that covers 8 popular OneMind Dogs handling techniques.  Students will learn all about each technique, and will get to practice each technique with their dogs in short sequences and as part of a longer course.

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onemind dogs handling techniques 1 seminars

Stephanie Williams is a certified OneMind Dogs instructor.  In September of 2018, Stephanie was trained by leading OneMind Dogs coaches Jenni Leino, Mikko Aaltonen, and Mari Kaplas to teach the content of the handling techniques 1 seminar.  Attendees of a handling techniques 1 seminar will learn all about 8 OneMind Dogs handling techniques and will get to practice them with their dogs on a course designed by OneMind Dogs coaches.  This is a two day seminar that includes 8 working spots per day plus unlimited auditing spots.  Bring your agility students the life changing opportunity to learn 8 OneMind Dogs techniques from certified instructor Stephanie Williams by contacting us today!

Agility Foundations

The newest service offered by Pawsitive Partners will bring Stephanie to your home to teach you how to train the foundation skills needed for the fast growing sport of dog agility.  Dogs and handlers need many skills under their belt before they begin working with obstacles.  Stephanie will get you started on the right foot so you will be well prepared for a group agility foundations class.  You and your dog will be at the top of the class.