Stephanie Williams is a OneMind Dogs Instructor!

Back in September of 2017 I attended a four day live training event with leading OneMind Dogs coaches Jenni Leino, Mari Kaplas, and Mikko Aaltonen.  In December, after passing 4 post-event exams, I received this!

IMG_0336 (Edited).PNG

Needless to say this is a huge honor for me.  I have been learning about the OneMind Dogs method of doing agility for a few years now, and can truly say the OneMind Dogs coach network is full of the smartest, most innovative and wonderful teachers in the sport, and I love how much they put dogs first.  After all, the sport of agility is all about the dogs.  Below are some highlights from the live event.

Here's a link to my instructor page on  Check out their website to learn more! They have tons to offer for agility students of all levels!