Good Dog Manners


Does your dog pull when walking on leash?  Does he ignore you when called to come?  Does your dog get up or move around after being asked to stay?  Does he jump on people when greeting them?


If any of these sound familiar, your dog would benefit from Dog Manners training.  Training means putting behaviors on cue.   We will show you how to request behaviors (cue them) and reinforce and reward them so your dog will be eager to offer do what you ask.



Problem Behaviors


Is your dog engaging in normal dog activities such as digging, barking, chewing, or jumping up at inopportune times or in a way that interferes with your daily life or home? 


If your dog is engaging in these behaviors, then Problem Solving may be just what you are looking for.  Problem solving means creating a strategy to resolve behaviors we don’t want to occur or to encourage.  Problem solving often includes training, managing the environment and strategies for consistency.



Serious Behavior Issues


Does your dog react in a negative way to certain people, sights, sounds or in certain situations?


If these types of things are happening, your dog may need behavior modification.  Behavior modification is used with dogs that are reacting negatively to certain stimuli or situations in a highly emotional way.  Leash reactivity (growling, lunging, snapping while on leash), fearful behavior, resource guarding, and various forms of aggression are examples of behaviors that need modification

Our private training service will bring Stephanie or Fran to your home to help you learn to use positive reinforcement to train obedience cues, solve common problems, or modify behaviors.  We will create a personalized training program for you and your dog that meets your needs and your goals. 


Our Services

We offer:
- Single sessions
- Private training packages ranging from two to seven sessions

Single Sessions:
1. You will receive a free consultation at your home with Stephanie and Fran, during which we will discuss your goals and observe you with your dog.


2. Stephanie or Fran will come to your home or a predetermined location for your training session.  One-Time Sessions are at least one hour long, and often run longer.  One-Time Sessions are billed by the session, not by the hour.